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Fucus gardneri
Fucus gardneri

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Species Name: Fucus gardneri


Common Names: rockweed


Fucus gardneri, commonly known as rockweed: brown algae, isotopic c 13 signature: −20.8‰ to −10.5‰ mostly multicellular, mostly marine, has a thallus (no xylem or phloem), some contain holdfast, stipe, blade, frond or lamina, photosynthetic (mostly) also called stramenopiles, the flagellate cells have 2 differently shaped flagella, multicellular to unicellular, most are algae, photosynthetic with plastids and non-photosynthetic groups (evelutionary loss of plastid), algae ...


Fucus gardneri is a marine species , which is part of the Genus Fucus, which is part of the Family Fucaceae, which is part of the Order Fucales. Fucus gardneri is in the Class Phaeophyceae and Superclass Fucistia, the Infraphylum Limnista. It can be further characterized as in the Subphylum Phaeista in the Phylum Ochrophyta. It forms part of the Heterokonta Infrakingdom, which is part of the Subkingdom Harosa that is in the Kingdom Chromista.


Species recognition has been attributed to Linnaeus in the year 1767. Originally published by: : Silva, P.C. (1953). The identity of certain Fuci of Esper. Wasmann Journal of Biology 11: 221-232. Publication information: Fucus gardneri P.C.Silva 1953: 227. Key references are Braune, W. (2008). Meeresalgen. Ein Farbbildführer zu den verbreiteten benthischen Grün- Braun- und Rotalgen der Weltmeere. pp. [1]-596, pls 1-266 (colour photographs). Ruggell: A.R.G. Gantner Verlag..

Species at Risk Status

This species has not been identified as a concern in Canada under the Species at Risk Act.


Fucus gardneri is olive brown in colour and similar to Fucus spiralis. It grows to 40–50 centimetres (16–20 in) long and branches a number ofwhat irregularly dichotomous and is attached, generally to rock, by a discoid holdfast. It has airbubbles at the top.

Life history

The tips of mature individuals swell up and provide flotation for the plant as well as reproductive chambers for developing sperm and eggs. During low tide, the swollen tips dry up squeezing out sperm and eggs which unite into a zygote during the next flood tide and settle onto a substratum.


The other common spp. of Fucus: Fucus spiralis, Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus serratus along with Ascophyllum nodosum form the main and dominant seaweeds on rocky shores. These three spp., along with two others Pelvetia canaliculata and Ascophyllum nodosum form the zones along the shore.

Uses and history

Native Americans historically harvested the dried swollen tips of Fucus gardneri – a number oftimes referred to as "Indian pop corn". When the airbubbles are popped, it secretes a thick lotion, very moisturizing.

Identification and Characteristics Chart

Identification and Characteristics
Fucus gardneri
  • Brown algae
  • Isotopic C 13 signature: −20.8‰ to −10.5‰
  • Mostly multicellular
  • Mostly marine
  • Has a thallus (no xylem or phloem)
  • Some contain holdfast, stipe, blade, frond or lamina
  • [edit]
  • Photosynthetic (mostly)
  • [edit]
  • Also called stramenopiles
  • The flagellate cells have 2 differently shaped flagella
  • Multicellular to unicellular
  • Most are algae
  • Photosynthetic with plastids and non-photosynthetic groups (evelutionary loss of plastid)
  • [edit]
  • Algae with chloroplasts with chlorophyll A and C
  • Also includes colourless algae
  • Choloroplasts surrounded by 4 membranes
  • [edit]


    Look for F. gardneri in the Benthic environment. Specimens can be found in the Temperate zone. They are distributed around the world in the Eastern Pacific and the Arctic:USA and Canada. This is a marine species.


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    301fucus crispus var filiformis[open]
    302fucus crispus var lacerus[open]
    303fucus crispus var patens[open]
    304fucus crispus var stellatus[open]
    305fucus crispus var virens[open]
    306fucus cypellon[open]
    307fucus decipiens[open]
    308fucus denticulatus[open]
    309fucus desfontainesii[open]
    310fucus distichus[open]
    311fucus distichus edentatus[open]
    312fucus distichus evanescens[open]
    313fucus distichus f anceps[open]
    314fucus distichus var robustior[open]
    315fucus dorycarpus[open]
    316fucus echinatus[open]
    317fucus elongatus[open]
    318fucus endiviifolius[open]
    319fucus ericoides var corniculatus[open]
    320fucus esculentus[open]
    321fucus filicinus[open]
    322fucus fimbriatus[open]
    323fucus floresii[open]
    324fucus foliaceus[open]
    325fucus forsskalii[open]
    326fucus inflatus f dilutus[open]
    327fucus inflatus f distichus[open]
    328fucus inflatus f expositus[open]
    329fucus inflatus f membranaceus[open]
    330fucus inflatus f murmanicus[open]
    331fucus inflatus f pygmaeus[open]
    332fucus inflatus var edentatus[open]
    333fucus labillardieri[open]
    334fucus laceratus[open]
    335fucus lacerifolius[open]
    336fucus lanceolatus[open]
    337fucus latifolius[open]
    338fucus lendigerus[open]
    339fucus lichenastrum[open]
    340fucus lichenoides[open]
    341fucus ligulatus[open]
    342fucus ligulatus var dilitatus[open]
    343fucus fulvellus[open]
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    345fucus gaertneri[open]
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    358fucus luetkeanus[open]
    359fucus maschalocarpus[open]
    360fucus miclonensis[open]
    361fucus microphyllus[open]
    362fucus multifidus[open]
    363fucus muscoides[open]
    364fucus mytili[open]
    365fucus natans[open]
    366fucus natans var acanthicarpus[open]
    367fucus nayadiformis[open]
    368fucus nodosus[open]
    369fucus norvegicus[open]
    370fucus obtusus[open]
    371fucus oederi[open]
    372fucus onustus[open]
    373fucus plumosus var tenerior[open]
    374fucus plumosus var tenerrimus[open]
    375fucus poiteaui[open]
    376fucus potamogetifolius[open]
    377fucus potatorum[open]
    378fucus procerrimus[open]
    379fucus pruniformis[open]
    380fucus sisymbryoides[open]
    381fucus spartioides[open]
    382fucus spiniformis[open]
    383fucus spiralis f limitaneus[open]
    384fucus spiralis f nanus[open]
    385fucus spiralis var limitaneus[open]
    386fucus spiralis var platycarpus[open]
    387fucus spiralis var typicus[open]
    388fucus squamarius[open]
    389fucus subfarcinatus[open]
    390fucus subrepandus[open]
    391fucus tamariscifolius[open]
    392fucus taxifolius[open]
    393fucus tendo[open]
    394fucus teres[open]
    395fucus tetragonus[open]
    396fucus tinctorius[open]
    397fucus tomentosus[open]
    398fucus vesiculosus f subfusiformis[open]
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    404fucus vesiculosus var divaricatus[open]
    405fucus vesiculosus var foliaceus[open]
    406fucus vesiculosus var laterifructus[open]
    407fucus vesiculosus var muscoides[open]
    408fucus vesiculosus var nanus[open]
    409fucus vesiculosus var rigidus[open]
    410fucus vesiculosus var rotundatus[open]
    411fucus vesiculosus var tricystus[open]
    412fucus tortilis var angustifolius[open]
    413fucus tremella var porrifolia[open]
    414fucus usnea[open]
    415fucus vesiculosus f abbreviatus[open]
    416fucus vesiculosus f angustifrons[open]
    417fucus vesiculosus f latus[open]
    418fucus vesiculosus f mytili[open]
    419fucus vesiculosus f nanus[open]
    420Fucus wiggii[open]
    421fucus abrotanifolius[open]
    422fucus abscissus[open]
    423fucus aculeatus var muscoides[open]
    424fucus aeruginosus[open]
    425fucus alatus var angustissimus[open]
    426fucus antarcticus[open]
    427fucus aquifolius[open]
    428fucus areschougii f nanus[open]
    429fucus axillaris var spiralis[open]
    430fucus coccineus var cartilagineus[open]
    431fucus concatenatus[open]
    432fucus confertus[open]
    433fucus congestus[open]
    434fucus corneus var pulchellus[open]
    435fucus cornutus[open]
    436fucus corymbiferus[open]
    437fucus crinitus[open]
    438fucus botryoides[open]
    439fucus bursa-pastoris[open]
    440fucus caespitosus[open]
    441fucus canaliculatus[open]
    442fucus capensis[open]
    443fucus capillaceus[open]
    444fucus caprinus[open]
    445fucus chondrophyllus[open]
    446fucus crispus var mamillosus[open]
    447fucus crispus var sarniensis[open]
    448fucus cristatus[open]
    449fucus cristatus var articulatus[open]
    450fucus cuneiformis[open]
    451fucus cyanospermus[open]
    452fucus dasyphyllus[open]
    453fucus decurrens[open]
    454fucus delicatulus[open]
    455fucus dentifolius[open]
    456fucus desvauxii[open]
    457fucus dilatatus[open]
    458fucus discors[open]
    459fucus distichus edentatus f abbreviatus[open]
    460fucus distichus f robustior[open]
    461fucus distichus f tenuior[open]
    462fucus distichus var miclonensis[open]
    463fucus distichus var tenuior[open]
    464fucus divaricatus[open]
    465fucus diversifolius[open]
    466fucus edentatus var hesperius[open]
    467fucus ericifolius[open]
    468fucus evanescens[open]
    469fucus filiformis f nanus[open]
    470fucus filiformis var gmelini[open]
    471fucus filiformis var pylaisei[open]
    472fucus foeniculaceus[open]
    473fucus foliosissimus[open]
    474fucus friabilis[open]
    475fucus inflatus f densus[open]
    476fucus inflatus f edentatus[open]
    477fucus inflatus f humilis[open]
    478fucus inflatus f latifrons[open]
    479fucus inflatus f nanus[open]
    480fucus inflatus f nordlandicus[open]
    481fucus inflatus f principalis[open]
    482fucus inflatus f reductus[open]
    483fucus inflatus var linearis[open]
    484fucus kaliformis[open]
    485fucus langsdorfii[open]
    486fucus lichenastrum var edulis[open]
    487fucus ligulatus var angustior[open]
    488fucus fruticulosus[open]
    489fucus fueci f ruprechti[open]
    490fucus furcellatus[open]
    491fucus glandulosus[open]
    492fucus griffithsiae[open]
    493fucus helminthocorton[open]
    494fucus herbaceus[open]
    495fucus hetaerophyllus[open]
    496fucus heterophyllus[open]
    497fucus implexus[open]
    498fucus linariifolius[open]
    499fucus linearifolius[open]
    500fucus linifolius[open]
    501fucus lomentarius[open]
    502fucus longissimus[open]
    503fucus lumbricalis[open]
    504fucus mackayi[open]
    505fucus mamillosus[open]
    506fucus mamillosus var acutus[open]
    507fucus mamillosus var prolifer[open]
    508fucus membranifolius[open]
    509fucus menziesii[open]
    510fucus microceratius[open]
    511fucus minimus[open]
    512fucus multipartitus[open]
    513fucus multipartitus var crispus[open]
    514fucus nitens[open]
    515fucus nodicaulis[open]
    516fucus nootkanus[open]
    517fucus polyphyllus[open]
    518fucus polypodioides[open]
    519fucus polyschides[open]
    520fucus prolifer[open]
    521fucus siliquosus[open]
    522fucus sinuosus[open]
    523fucus tenax[open]
    524fucus tenerrimus[open]
    525fucus tenuissimus[open]
    526fucus thunbergii[open]
    527fucus thyrsoides[open]
    528fucus vesiculosus f pseudoceranoides[open]
    529fucus vesiculosus pseudoceranoides[open]
    530fucus vesiculosus var linearis[open]
    531fucus vesiculosus var lutarius[open]
    532fucus vesiculosus var subecostatus[open]
    533fucus tremella var umbilicalis[open]
    534fucus turbinatus var ornata[open]
    535fucus uvarius[open]
    536fucus venosus[open]
    537fucus vesiculosus f fluviatilis[open]
    538fucus vesiculosus f limicola[open]
    539Fucus volubilis[open]
    540fucus abrotanoides[open]
    541fucus acerosus[open]
    542fucus acicularis[open]
    543fucus agarum[open]
    544fucus asparagoides[open]
    545fucus asplenioides[open]
    546fucus coccineus var pusillus[open]
    547fucus commersonii[open]
    548fucus complanatus[open]
    549fucus confervoides var gracilis[open]
    550fucus constrictus[open]
    551fucus corallorhiza[open]
    552fucus baccularia[open]
    553fucus ceranoides f divergens[open]
    554fucus ceranoides var glomerata[open]
    555fucus cervicornis[open]
    556fucus chalonii var typicus[open]
    557fucus dichotomus[open]
    558fucus erinaceus[open]
    559fucus filamentosus[open]
    560fucus filiformis f gmelini[open]
    561fucus filiformis f pylaisei[open]
    562fucus flaccidus[open]
    563fucus flagelliformis[open]
    564fucus flagelliformis var minor[open]
    565fucus fraxinifolius[open]
    566fucus inflatus f gracilis[open]
    567fucus inflatus f linearis[open]
    568fucus laciniatus[open]
    569fucus lamourouxii[open]
    570fucus giganteus[open]
    571fucus granulatus[open]
    572fucus hamulosus[open]
    573fucus hyperboreus[open]
    574fucus hypoglossoides[open]
    575fucus incisifolius[open]
    576fucus lycopodioides[open]
    577fucus multipartitus var elongatus[open]
    578fucus nodosus var siliquatus[open]
    579fucus osmundaceus[open]
    580fucus pristoides[open]
    581fucus prolifera[open]
    582fucus simpliciuscula[open]
    583fucus taxiformis[open]
    584fucus vesiculosus f tenuis[open]
    585fucus variabilis[open]
    586fucus verrucosus[open]
    587fucus vesiculosus f acutus[open]
    588fucus vesiculosus f filiformis[open]
    589fucus vesiculosus f gracillimus[open]
    590fucus vesiculosus f plicatus[open]
    591Fucus woodwardia[open]
    592Fucus wrightii[open]
    593Fucus zosteroides[open]
    594Fucus zonalis[open]
    595fucus acicularis var ustulatus[open]
    596fucus arbuscula[open]
    597fucus compressus[open]
    598fucus edentatus f angustior[open]
    599fucus intermedius[open]
    600fucus hypnoides[open]
    601fucus hypoglossum[open]
    602fucus moniliformis[open]
    603fucus musciformis[open]
    604fucus natans var angustifolius[open]
    605fucus stiriatus[open]
    606fucus turbinatus[open]
    607fucus longifolius[open]
    608fucus maxillosus[open]

    Physical Characteristics

    Type is: The type species (lectotype) of the genus Fucus is Fucus vesiculosus Linnaeus.

    Random Facts

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