List of Commercial Diving Companies in BC Canada  
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List of
Commercial Diving Companies
British Columbia

Commercial divers screened and updated June 4, 2013.

Environmental Diving - Marine Projects*

S Christie RPBioProject Manager(604) 973-8050
D Clark BITProject Manager(604) 988-3033
D Gerelle MSc RPBioProject Manager(604) 973-8051
M Thompson BITProject Manager(604) 996-7113
W Appleton RPBioProject Manager(604) 973-8053
*The above environmental professionals are in charge of commercial biologist divers crews as per WorkSafe BC regulations and as defined by the College of Applied Biology. The above have acceptable work experience in the collection of biophysical data for marine projects.

Underwater Marine Inspections

D Black EITProject Manager(604) 988-3622
D MeierhoferProject Manager(604) 973-8058
K HearnProject Manager(604) 983-3111

Marine Construction Projects

W PenneyProject Manager(604) 988-3944
R HoffmanProject Manager(604) 973-8060
T Appleton PEngProject Manager(604) 788-7789

Get Added to Commerical Diving List

If you are a commercial diver and would like to be added to the list, send your information to All applications are audited to ensure quality control. You must be a member of a professional association to be listed.

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